This week's news that a Beverly Hills 90210 remake is currently in the pipeline not only grabbed my attention, but sent waves of '90s nostalgia floating through me. Whether you loved it or hated it, 90210 was revolutionary for its time. Long before the likes of Gossip Girl, The OC and Dawson's Creek came along, high school had never been portrayed in quite the same way. Despite it taking place in upscale Beverly Hills, a place most of us could hardly relate to, its overwhelming popularity saw it remain on our TV screens for an entire decade. I was just eight-years-old in 1990 (yes, I'm revealing my age!) when the first episode of 90210 aired, but that didn't stop me and my friends from obsessing about it constantly, particularly the fashion.


Details of the new Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off series reveal that it will be set in the present day, with characters reflecting the reality of today's Beverly Hills High. That's all good and well, but will the new 90210 include any of the following?

Acid wash jeans:
High-waisted and worn slightly baggy with your top tucked in and belt showing. A matching denim jacket a la Brandon Walsh style, a must for guys, folded hems for the girls.
Baggy t-shirts: To tuck into your acid wash jeans.
Converse and Reebok trainers: For all those times you're running late to class.
Patterned waistcoats: Worn under your baggy t-shirts or sometimes on their own - risqué!
Chinos: It was preppy all the way at Beverly Hills High, Steve Sanders eat your heart out!
Floral: Don't they say that trends always make a return? Back in the early nineties floral dresses were all the rage, usually with spaghetti straps Kelly Taylor style.
Anything from the Gap: Let's face it these kids were a walking, talking Gap commercial and the kids of America listened.
Scrunchies: While extremely handy, we're still fighting off this awful trend nearly two decades later.
Hair gel: I mean the serious hold stuff. How else can one rip off the 'dos of James Dean and Elvis Presley?

As for the characters, there could never be a replacement for Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Andrea, Steve or even Brenda (urgh, how I hated her!) As further details of the new series emerge, here's a little reminder of the original 90210...

Don't you just love it?