french connection bubble dress.jpgThis dress is crying out to be the unsung hero of your wardrobe, it's the dress that hides in the background while your friends comment on the cool belt or nice boots you wore it with all the while looking flattering and subtly sexy.

It's £50 from French Connection, but if you factor in those cost per wear thingies magazines are always harping on about it should only set you back thruppence an outing.

Fling it on in summer with a pair of flip flops to go to the park and wear it now with leggings, tights or knee socks, and a cardie or cropped jacket. The possibilities are endless! When you wear it you might hear a soft hum come from one of the more 'statementy' pieces you've teamed it with, that is in fact the sound of the statement piece gently singing to the dress 'I can fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings' ...Honest!