27dresses.jpgAccording to the press release, it's the event "set to rival Hollywood's most glamorous event, The Oscars". While we can't quite promise scandalous celeb sightings and crazy poses, the '27 Dresses' Celebrity Dress Auction definitely provides enough bling, donated by stars, to be seen from the Moon.

From singers (including Kylie, Mariah, Jamelia, and Girls Aloud) to actresses (Thandie Newton, Renee Zellweger), supermodels (Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell) to personalities (June Sarpong, Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof), all have donated designer dresses (PPQ, Gucci, FrostFrench, the list goes on). The list reads like a 'who's who' of today's celebrity and fashion spheres, and there is something to appeal to everyone. And of course, the final dress, designed by Willow, was donated from the star of the movie herself, Katherine Heigl.

The auction launches at 7pm today on eBay; all proceeds will go to the Lavender Trust, the Breast Cancer Care division for young female cancer-sufferers in their twenties and thirties. To launch the event, a private catwalk event took place at the swanky Sketch in London - and CQ was there to catch it all on film! Click after the jump to have an exclusive first look of all the dresses on the catwalk...

More to come... check back soon!