chloe sevigny opening ceremony s&m.jpg
Fashionista called it 'Carrie Bradshaw circa 1998' and I can totally see what they mean but Chloe Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony isn't all SJP from her 'Mars Attacks!' days. There are quite a few nice pieces but I'm a little more concerned about the S&M look above, which is more YMCA than BCBG. See after the jump for more images from the collection.

chloe sevigny opening ceremony 3.jpg
Quirky '90s influenced basics make up the collection and I imagine the pieces would easily freshen up your wardrobe although unless you are actually Chloe Sevigny or you can successfully channel punk, preppy and ironic gross then perhaps they're best not worn all at once.

chloe sevigny opening ceremony 2.jpg