80051722.jpgFeeling a little low? It is a Monday so I do sympathise... But here is something that is sure to perk you up.

The Daily Mirror (together with the Daily Mail) is guaranteed to put a smile (or a smirk) on my face no matter what day of the week it is, and here they've gone and done again.

Hanging onto tailcoat of Agyness Deyn's mega success, the Mirror is on the hunt for Britain's sexiest fish and chip shop girl... told you it would perk you up!

You see Agy is a former chippy girl herself, so what better way to launch the career of the next big thing in modelling than to look to your local batter shop?

The Fit 'n' Chips Face of 2008, wants to know:

"Are you cod's gift to men? Could you take your plaice on the catwalk? Do you make hearts mushy?"

This could go on all day... Love it!