AminakaWilmont-maniquindress.jpg I love dresses. Dresses that are pretty, dresses that make me look good and dresses that make me laugh or look twice because they're so interesting. And this Aminaka Wilmont Trompe l'oeil mannequin dress definitely fits the bill for the interesting dress category. A simple sleeveless silk A-Line shift dress, it's main feature is the digital print of a trompe l'oeil mannequin on it. Subtle and perhaps even slimming, the silhouette of the mannequin helps create the illusion that the body underneath follows the same lines. Just cinch it in with a belt and accessorize. We've digitally enhanced the image to include a Roberto Cavalli resin link wide belt - I think the extra detail gives the dress a more 'is that her body or not feel to it. Don't you?