Nicholas Ghesquiere is changing the women's silhouettes again at Balenciaga. After last season's floral body-reshaping dresses, he's done it again for the latest Autumn/Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week. It seems that the Balenciaga women no longer needs definition in their body, as it will be reshaped any way with stiffly-voluminous pieces, case in point, his shiny scarlett egg-shaped dress. It's so rigid in a oddly tailored way, it puts last season's pieces to shame.

Watch a video of the show below...

Experimenting with new upper body shapes, the collection has been given great reviews by fashion journalists and is perfect for women who feel like they need to wear a suit of armour when they face the world, but will anyone look good in these pieces outside of a fashion show or a fashion shoot? One thing can can be said about Ghesquiere, he definitely thinks outside the box. Literally. On the more conventional side, there are some great cocktail dresses that would look fabulous on Nicole Kidman.

What do you think of Nicholas Ghesquiere's designs - past, current and present?

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