For those that find they just can't say no... now you can just wear it, loud and clear. Viktor & Rolf started their Paris catwalk show with the slightly surreal grey coat, featuring an eye-poppingly enormous 'NO' slogan; along with 'Wow' and 'Dream on', the word was also painted onto models' faces and emblazoned on belt buckles and T-shirts.

The Dutch pair gave a fun, quirky show, filled with sheer blouses and flirty party frocks. Bright bursts of red broke up the more subdued and cold greys, blacks and plums. Not for them the stiff fitted shape: with big sleeves and shapes eminiscent of a bygone era, ruffles and flares gave emphasis to movement, sparkling as the metallic embellishments (actually gold staples, in place of stitching!) hit the light.


The footwear was a highlight: from multi-strapped cage sandals to enormous padded boots.