kimday1lfwdiary.jpgCatwalk Queen editor Kim Foster, shares her London Fashion Week diary, here's what really happened on day one...

Sunday, 10th February 2008

9.15am - Already over 15 minutes late to meet CQ's deputy editor Isabelle and CQ writer Hannah. Guess I can kiss goodbye that much-needed morning coffee, how will I ever survive?

9.25am - Make it inside the BFC tents to pick up press pass only to be faced with a huge queue. Decide to forget queue in order to get to the first show of the day - Paul Costelleo. Realise I'm the only one with all of our tickets... oops!

9.30am - Arrive at Paul Costelleo show just in the nick of time, greet girls and take our seats. Out comes the notebook and digital camera. Onto the first show of LFW!

10.05am - Leave Isabelle and Hannah to attend Jean-Pierre Braganza show at Royal Academy, I'm looking forward to this one.

10.15am - Realise whilst on the tube that the Jean-Pierre show isn't, in fact, at the Royal Academy but at the Mango flagship store on Oxford Street, quickly jump off tube. Note to self: Always double check show details on invitation prior to attending show... I'm a moron.

10.30am - Decide it's quicker to take a cab. Check purse to find only a few lonely receipts and no cash... terrific! Spot the nearest cash point and run over, go to pull out debit card but can't seem to find it. Check all through purse as the panic sets in... it's not there! Rummage through bag to no avail. Could this morning get any worse?

10.44am - With one minute to spare, just make it to John-Pierre Braganza show, despite now being hot and sweaty from running up and down Oxford Street, while everyone else looks amazing. Hang my head and take my seat.

12pm - Return to BFC tents, hit the press room and begin writing up catwalk shows. By now starvation has set in, with nothing to eat except a mini fashion bagel at half-nine (seriously they're the size of my little finger), I wonder how can anyone possibly survive on miniature fashion food? Not me that's for sure.


Above: The cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant we grabbed a bite at in South Kensington - definitely worth noting if you're heading down to the BFC tents this week!

1pm - Meet girls after the Caroline Charles show and scout out the local Chinese restaurant for some sorely-needed greasy food. Nearly inhale food, can't remember the last time I was this hungry.

2.30pm - Attend the Ben de Lisi show where Isabelle spots Jimmy Choo and Mark Owen. I'm hopeless at celeb-spotting so glad she is with me. Intrigued by the '90s theme of the Ben de Lisi collection, the room also seems rather dazzled by the sequins.

3pm - Head back to the press room to type up catwalk reports. Excited that I can upload videos straight onto YouTube with no hassles, yes I am that sad. Finally have my first cup of coffee for the day... at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!!

6pm - Decide enough is enough and put away the laptop in favour of a quick drink at the pub. Discuss with the others the day's events. Hannah looks lovingly at her Jaeger after-show party ticket, she is in her element. While Isabelle and I stare tiredly at each other, the day's work isn't done yet, there's still Ann-Sofie Back to go.

7.30pm - Make our way to the Topshop venue in Baker Street where I get papped by a few other street style bloggers. Although feel like I haven't sleep in days, somehow I'm still worth papping... still confused as to why.

8.30pm - Finally head home on the bus completely tired, brain-dead and dehydrated. Ask myself how I'm going to survive the next six days.... ah, the passion for fashion!