They’re young, they’re fashionable, and they want to show the world their Influence. Which will be their fashion book. Set to be released in Autumn by Penguin, the book will be filled with fashionable things that influence the girls. "Mary-Kate and I have filled `Influence' with the most interesting, challenging, creative people we know — the ones who helped pave the way for us and our generation," said Ashley Olsen. "Ashley and I interviewed the people who have inspired us, with the hope that they will inspire and teach others,"added Mary-Kate.

It will still have the Olsen touch, with some exclusive photographs of the sisters taken by world renowned photographer Rankin and a wide variety of other never-before-seen materials and interviews from Mary-Kate and Ashley's personal collections, according to a statement issued by the book’s publisher, Penguin. Is this something you would buy and display proudly on your coffee table?