pctom.jpgLast week's eliminated contestant Tom has been passionate about fashion since he was 15-years-old. Choosing fashion design over a football career, this lovable lad won the hearts of his fellow contestants and even some of the judges on Project Catwalk. Now, thanks to the show, he works for House of Holland... not bad hey? We caught up with him earlier today...

Catwalk Queen: How is Project Catwalk different in real life than what we see on TV?
Tom: It's very different. There seems to be a lot of editing and certain people come across as really venomous, when they're not. Everyone did get along in the house, there isn't as much bitchiness as what is made out.

CQ: Mentor and judge Ben de Lisi seemed to be genuinely upset when you were eliminated. Was this genuine?
T: It was both Kelly [Osborne] and Ben who set me off crying. I got along really well with both of them, in fact I go out for drinks with Kelly. It was pretty emotional, I've definitely got a ribbing for it.

CQ: Do you think that you deserved to be eliminated for your Breakthrough Breast Cancer design?
T: I was gutted to be honest, I didn't think I'd be going home. My design definitely wasn't the worst one, I think Viv's design was the weakest. Perhaps I came across as too complacent and should have fought for my corner like the others.

CQ: So if you could do it all over it again, would you do anything differently?

T: I still maintain it was the best experience I've ever had. I probably would have fought for my place a bit more, but the show has opened so many doors for me. It was definitely a foot in the right door!

CQ: What are you up to now?

T: Well after I won the challenge to create 'fashion's next big trend', Henry Holland gave me his business card. I rang him and was eventually offered me a job working on the team at House of Holland. I helped put together their Autumn/Winter 2008-9 collection (click here for our show report) at London Fashion Week.

CQ: What was it like working at LFW then?
T: It was wicked! It was also seriously intense. But I think I'm going to stick with House of Holland for a while, we're a small select group of people, kind of like a family.

CQ: Now for the usual last question... Who do you think is going to win Project Catwalk?
T: I don't know, it's hard to say. I think Ross might win. I really hope Viv doesn't win and I don't mean that in a nasty way, it's just because of the technical side of things. She hasn't studied and had the technical training which some of us have had to build a career upon.

Project Catwalk series three is currently screening on Sky One, Wednesday nights at 9pm. It is repeated on Sky Three the following evening.