pcfionnula.jpgShe hails from Dublin from a family of Irish tailors, but her final garment failed to win over the Project Catwalk judges (including guest judge Henry Holland) in this week's challenge to create 'fashion's next big trend'. We caught up with Fionnuala earlier today...

Catwalk Queen: Describe what it's like being on a reality TV show like Project Catwalk.
Fionnuala: It was interesting to see how it's been edited. There wasn't enough focus on our work and the whole garment-making process. They also made me appear rather boring on the show, when in fact I was cracking jokes all the time.

CQ: There was some speculation this week that certain contestants were receiving more help from mentor Ben de Lisi than others. What do you think?
F: Oh we all definitely thought it. Especially with last night's episode, I couldn't believe it when Ben drew on Viv's designs. It was at that stage that I thought 'hang on a second'. Maybe it's because they're of a similar age or maybe he feels he needs to take her under his wing. I don't think Ben being a mentor and a judge is a great idea, with what he's seen earlier in the process, he could influence the other judges.


Above: The contestants hit London's Brick Lane for this week's 'future fashion trend' challenge.

CQ: This week you were eliminated because the judges felt your piece didn't fit the brief of developing a future trend. However the Vogue.com journalist called your piece "a winning ticket" (read the article here). What's your reaction to this?
F: Looking back, I should have changed the fabric, it wasn't sophisticated enough. Then again, we're given such a short time to create something, ten minutes to choose our fabric. I'm still very happy with what I made and I was determined not to beg for a second chance, unlike others.

CQ: Do you believe, as some have said, that being apologetic to the judges will help your chances of winning the competition?
F: Anyone who knows me, knows that I'll always stand up for myself. In my eyes, grovelling goes against what I believe in. But the judges always seem to have the same opinion on a garment, there is never any disagreement. I don't know why that is but it seems that they're all of the same mind-set.

CQ: What are your plans now?
F: To go back to work as a visual merchandiser. I'm also making my own pieces in my spare time, which I hope to sell in boutiques around Dublin.

CQ: Last but not least, who do you think is going to win Project Catwalk?
F: I think Viv is going to win, which I've said from day one. I told her that too and she just laughed.

Project Catwalk series three is currently screening on Sky One, Wednesday nights at 9pm. It is repeated on Sky Three the following evening.

[Images supplied by Sky One]