deryckwalkerinterviewcottonusa.jpgLast Thursday at London Fashion Week, Deryck Walker presented his second womenswear collection to a packed house at the Royal Academy of Arts. We caught up with the Scottish designer this week to find out what's in store for him now post-LFW...

Catwalk Queen: How did it feel to be showing womenswear again?
Deryck Walker: The first time there was a feeling that I was doing it to compliment the menswear, but the second time round it's really turned into something. It's given me a bit more knowledge and depth of womenswear, so getting opportunity has been great. I definitely prefer autumn/winter season, it's not as challenging and I really enjoyed creating this collection.

CQ: What were the influences behind this season’s collection?
DW: My collection was called 'Wizard' based on the historical idea of wizards as the original wolves in sheep clothing. And I think having both the mens and womenswear collections shown together at London Fashion Week really worked well with that theme, especially in tailoring.

CQ: What's the reaction been to your collection?
DW: It's been incredible, people are now seeing it as a real, grown-up label. I've now been encouraged to take my menswear to Paris, but keep my womenswear in London. And a few pieces have already been taken away for a Vogue shoot.

CQ: There seems to a real spotlight on Scottish designers at the moment, why do you think that is?
DW: Well I think it's about time really. I'm from Glasgow so it's great to see it finally on the map. I'm not sure perhaps because Scotland is still rather isolated from England, the creativity that's coming out of there is gaining more recognition.

CQ: How has being sponsored by companies such as Cotton USA assisted you and your work?

DW: This season I really researched the fabrics and colours that I wanted so it's been great to have sponsors such as Cotton USA on board. Having sponsorship, especially from a company where I can use the products, makes the possibilities endless.