liveblogginglondonfashion.jpgThings seem eerily quiet around the office, like tumbleweed blowing along an open road... it's the calm before the London Fashion Week storm. I know, because I've experienced this same feeling before. Whilst panicking over whether we have enough (a) show tickets (b) outfits planned (c) Red Bull supplies, things in the office appear freakishly calm. I don't like it...

In the meantime, I'm filling you in on what Catwalk Queen will be up to next week. We'll be hard at work live blogging LFW. We'll be bringing you all the latest catwalk reports, news, gossip and interviews. There will be videos, street style pics, vox pops and diaries from those in-the-know as well as your favourite fashion bloggers... ah, that would be us.

So stay logged onto CQ over the next week to keep up-to-date with London Fashion Week - let the countdown begin!

xx Catwalk Queen team