SherylCrow78347838.jpg Singer Sheryl Crow is set to launch a Americana/western/folk inspired denim collection this year, June 2008 specifically. Dubbed Bootheel Trading Co. by Sheryl Crow the sometime front row fixture says that she wanted to do a denim collection, because it represented her from her earliest beginnings. “I’ve always been kind of a jeans girl,” she said. As she hails from a Missouri agricultural region, it’s probably no surprise that denim was one of the staples of her wardrobe. "It's well known for cotton farming and God-fearing, good people with a good work ethic," said Crow. "For me it has a lot of meaning."

The 27 piece collection has been inspired by pieces from Crow’s own wardrobe and developed with Crow’s stylist, with retail prices starting at $58 to $62 for bottoms and $24 to $35 for tops.

"I want to be able to provide a cool look for anybody, but particularly for those gals out there that have a fashion sense and want to feel good but can't afford to buy the really high-end stuff," said Crow who will promote the collection when it launches with instore appearances and wearing her own collection at concerts.

[source - image from Getty]