valentinoresign.jpgDocumentaries seem to be the latest great gesture that we can bestow upon our leading designers. As Valentino's final moments in fashion draw to a close, a documentary will be released to celebrate his life and career. American Vanity Fair correspondent Matt Tyrnauer, has spent the last two years capturing the Italian designer for Valentino: The Last Emperor, which will be debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Just as we had Lagerfeld: Confidential, which provided a glimpse into the life of Karl Lagerfeld, so will Valentino be forever immortalised on film.

"We were let into the inner circle, but we had to stick it out for a long time, practically move in, to capture the truly great moments," Tyrnauer said. "Valentino is surrounded by a tight-knit family of friends and workers, but eventually their guard came down and they forgot there was a camera crew in the room."

Valentino's final show before he retires will be presented next week in Paris at couture week. [Source]