sass%26bidecharityt.jpgWhen Australian designers Sass & Bide hit the catwalk at next week's New York Fashion Week, it won't just mark a return to the schedule, it'll also mark the awesomeness of Heidi Middleton to overcome a massive feat. The co-designer was diagnosed early last year with breast cancer, just days after giving birth to her second child.

While receiving treatment, Middleton met another young mother, known simply as 'Kate', who was also diagnosed with cancer. While Middleton recovered, her new friend sadly did not. This not only prompted the Middleton and her design partner Sarah-Jane Clarke, to take a two-season sabbatical from the NY runway, but it has also inspired them to dedicate next week's show on February 2, to Kate.

In the meantime, Sass & Bide have created a special t-shirt in support of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, available exclusively to I hear the campaign is being shot today by Melvin Sokolsky and features Cory Kennedy, the new face of Urban Decay.