clothespile.jpgWondering what you're ever going to do with your old M&S clothes? Charity shop queen and CQ writer Isabelle would say give them to her but here's another incentive...

By simply taking your secondhand Marks & Spencer clothing to your nearest Oxfam outlet, you will automatically receive a £5 M&S gift voucher - so you can go and buy more Marks & Sparks clothes! Genius isn't it?

The M&S and Oxfam Clothes Exchange is the biggest clothes recycle campaign ever attempted in the UK. It has been created to both raise money for Oxfam's schemes to fight poverty and injustice, as well as reduce landfill caused by the one million tonnes of clothing sent by the public each year.

Customers who make a donation to the exchange will receive a £5 voucher, valid for one month, with a purchase of £35 or more on clothing, homeware and beauty products.Click here for more information. [via Hippyshopper]