77164134.jpgIt seems that every week we're hearing of another A-list actor jumping at the bit to play a fashion designer on the big screen. Right now it's Jude Law who is said to be in the running to play Halston in an upcoming biopic produced by Harvey Weinstein who took ownership of the label last year.

It's savvy marketing from the Halston camp what with a show scheduled next month at New York Fashion Week, marking the label's return to the industry.

>>> In other news, Shirley Maclaine has reportedly signed on to play Coco Chanel in yet another new screen project, this time for the Lifetime channel. The actress will play Chanel in her later years in the two part TV mini series directed by Christian Duguay.

Meanwhile, filming has begun in Paris on another Chanel movie featuring Audrey Tautou as the legendary designer. Fashionista blogs that Demi Moore is rumoured to play Chanel in the US version. Hmm... I'm not seeing the match here.

What do you think of these castings? Agree or disagree?