Kate Moss seems to be loving everybody recently and determined to be friends with everyone. Just before Christmas she surprised many by burying the hatchet with Sienna Miller, now she has decided to mend a bridge with Lily Allen. The pop star who recently announced her pregnancy, received a gift from the supermodel to congratulate her on her pregnancy.

Moss sent Allen a dozen red roses and a book on pregnancy to end the feud that began when they both designed high street collections. Moss wanted to pass on her wise words of wisdom by providing Allen with the information she had when pregnant with Lila Grace in 2002. I wonder if this means Lily will be regretting her Marie Claire interview where she was quoted as saying: "Kate Moss is not a role model... she's a clothes horse."

Meanwhile, the BBC reported yesterday that Allen has turned down offers to design a maternity collection for a High Street store. What no 'Lily Loves' maternity range for New Look, then?