countvonlagerfeld.jpg Last year Donatella Versace lambasted Hilary Clinton in German newspaper Die Zeit for looking too manly, but this year Karl Lagerfeld has come forward in support of the American Presidential candidates look. He reportedly told WWD that: "My favorite is Ms Clinton because you have no real idea what she is wearing. She is so clever and so brilliant that you see only her face — but also what she wears is right, you never really look at it because one is fascinated by her intelligence. But there is never a gimmick or bad detail either."

Lagerfeld has a point – Hilary is well dressed, but not too done up that you start to wonder if she spends all her time grooming and not enough time thinking about policies and health care reforms. Not that I really think about her style much. Do you pay attention to what politicians wear?

[Source - image from Getty]