In an article today the Guardian are espousing the merits of Jane Norman who have more than doubled their profits this year. Well done to them but I don't know anyone who shops there, or admits to it.

Helen Pidd says the company gives two reasons they are off the radar: "the firm claims never to have advertised and doesn't even have a marketing department. Second, the fashion world is full of class-conscious Kate Moss fans, who don't pay attention to the mid-market's output unless Croydon's finest designed it or wears it." She adds: "And Moss doesn't generally go for the combination of shrink-wrap satin, sequins and diamante that is Jane Norman's stock-in-trade." I'd hate to be accused of fashion snobbery but I don't really see the appeal of Jane Norman, I guess it must function as a fashion comfort zone for those who can't deal with skinny jeans, vintage or colour blocking.

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