I'm a little bit confused. First Hillary Clinton backs out of a photo-shoot with US Vogue, for fear of appearing "too feminine", which irked Anna Wintour right off, prompting her to respond bitterly in her monthly editor's letter. Now I'm seeing the Democratic candidate grace the pages of American Harper's Bazaar, alongside leggy model Nadja Auermann? Interesting...

So...What's the story Hills? Well to put it bluntly - it's all a bit of porkie. The shoot, titled The Fashion of Politics, featuring other presidental candidates, is actually fake. Mrs Clinton didn't, in fact, stand next to Auermann and her super-mini skirt, Auermann was shot next to a life-size cutout of her instead. Clinton's picture was bought from a photo agency.

While Bazaar won't admit that the shoot is bogus, what I'm more interested in is what she's wearing... As WWD cleverly reminds us, that white pant suit is very similar to the "niftily tailored white silk pantsuit by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein" that Wintour suggests for Clinton in her editor's letter.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Clinton's camp are yet to respond to the Bazaar piece.