alexandermcqueenlogo.jpgBut I thought they finally caught those pesky bandits on mopeds who have been targeting London's fashion boutiques and studios for the last six months? Perhaps not...

According to WWD, the Alexander McQueen headquarters in the East End was hit on December 27 where thieves stole computers and some handbag samples from the fall 2008 season. A McQueen spokesperson said the break-in was not a major one with the stolen computers containing mostly administrative data as opposed to creative data. Police are currently scouring closed circuit TV to help identify the raiders.

In September, burglars broke into the Christopher Kane studio stealing a large part of his spring 2008 collection as well as the designer’s laptop.

In December, we reported that the infamous London boutique bandits had, in fact, been arrested. However, it is still unclear as to whether the recent spate of store robberies and this latest studio robbery is related.