ew6.jpg Erin Wasson has made the transition from model to... well something else in the fashion industry - instead of disappearing into modeling obscurity like of her counterparts. Still a Maybelline spokesperson, Erin also styled Alexander Wang's spring 2008 fashion show, using silver accessories from Rogues Gallery to add the finishing touches to the designs. But this time around, she’s designed her own jewels for Wang’s fall 2008/09 show. "It's all going to be very discreet," Wasson to WWD. "The pieces are meant to be worn under, not on top of, his clothing. The whole idea is to have them popping out of random places, like slipping out of a vest or peeping through a cutout in the clothes."

Meanwhile, StyleFile followed Erin around for a day to watch her at work. From buying pieces she needs at Beads World to working with Wang and even swinging by Chanel to see if there is anything she wants to borrow.

Not a bad days work if you can get it.

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