pcangie.jpgWe're already four weeks into Project Catwalk and the competition is hotting up. Aussie contestant Angie failed to impress the judges this week and was therefore shown the door. We caught up with the determined antipodean on what life in the PC house is really like...

Catwalk Queen: What was your experience on Project Catwalk really like?
Angie: I can't compare it to anything else in life. You're in an atmosphere where cameras are on you all the time, which isn't normal. It was a fantastic experience, full of highs and lows. I never really had a desire to go on reality TV, I really just wanted the [prize] money to start my own label.

CQ: We've heard Debbie 'Debonair's' take on your conflict with each other, what's yours?

A: I was suprised by the Debbie conflict. Sharing a room with her, I can certainly see how flighty she is. She just seemed really childish about the whole thing.


Above: This week's episode, contestants were given the challenge to design a festival outfit for the high street.

CQ: Do you have any regrets about your time on PC?
A: The only regrets I have is not seeing my children and husband and missing out on our summer holiday together.

CQ: What's in store for you now?
A: Besides being a very busy mum, I've got straight back into making corsets which I sell on my website www.sassorly.com. I've also got ambitions to create a coffee table book of historic fashion pieces and corsetry, as well as other art projects that I'm currently working on.

CQ: Who do you think will win this series of PC?
A: I would love Ross to win. He's such an eccentric and unusual character. He really knows his stuff and has been in the industry since he was 16 years-old. He is also someone who appreciates history and fine work.

Project Catwalk series three is currently screening on Sky One, Wednesday nights at 9pm. It is repeated on Sky Three the following evening.

[Image supplied by Sky One]