debonairpc.jpgIf you watched last night's Project Catwalk, you'll know that the always outspoken Debbie 'Debonair' was booted out of competition, much to the dismay (or delight) of some viewers. In case you missed it, click here. There is no denying that this lady is one of PC's more unforgettable contestants. So what does Debonair really think of her fellow designers? We dish the dirt...

Catwalk Queen: Can you describe to us what being on Project Catwalk has really been like?
Debbie: I found the impact I had on the contestants hysterical. The so-called arguments I had with others such as Angie came across to me as very weird, because while in the show I barely noticed her.

CQ: You certainly seemed to cause a bit of a stir in the house, why do you think that was?
D: I'm not sure. I think Angie may have felt intimidated by me, and Keko also.

CQ: Do you foresee a reconciliation with Angie?
D: Never, no. Because I don't really have any knowledge of her. She's the type of person that if I saw her walking down the street I wouldn't even notice her.

CQ: You were caught using design patterns instead of pattern blocks in episode one. Can you give us your take on what happened?
D: I think there was a miscommunication in what I was allowed to bring onto the show. The email I received said I could bring patterns in. I usually make things from scratch and give them to my pattern maker. A block or a pattern... how was I to know the difference?

CQ: A few years ago you were involved in legal action with Dolce & Gabbana over them copying your designs. What was the conclusion?
D: They copied one my designs for their 2002-03 spring/summer catalog, as well as a handbag design of mine. I even have CCTV footage on my MySpace page but it became too expensive with lawyer's fees and very time consuming so the case was eventually dropped.

CQ: Do you have any regrets about your time on PC?
D: I have no regrets, except I don't like how I was portrayed on the show. I think it was disgusting the way they tried to discredit my character, but the people who really know me, know better than that. The reason I went into Project Catwalk was to show the world my bubbly self and to hopefully capture the minds of television producers.

CQ: So you'd like to have career in TV?
D: Yes, I'd like to be a style presenter on a TV show, or even have my own show.

CQ: What's on the cards for you now?
D: I'm currently working on a book of travel and interior images. I'd like to create a coffee table book of all the images I've collected in the last seven or eight years of travelling.

CQ: Finally, who do you think will win PC?
D: I hope Viv wins. She's a mum and deserves it but also not a seamstress which is similar to me.

Project Catwalk series three is currently screening on Sky One, Wednesday nights at 9pm. It is repeated on Sky Three the following evening.

[Image & footage supplied by Sky One]