julespc.jpgIt was another drama-filled episode of Project Catwalk last night when not one but two contestants, Keko and Jules, were both eliminated. But as Catwalk Queen discovered this hasn't dampened eliminee Jules's bubbly personality one bit. We caught up with her earlier today...

Catwalk Queen: For someone who has just been eliminated you sound extremely happy.
Jules: I am, that's because it's my birthday.

CQ: Oh, happy birthday! And on with the questions... What's the whole Project Catwalk experience been like for you?
J: Amazing, such a whirlwind. I'd actually never seen the show before appearing in the current series so I think I may have been a bit unprepared in front of the judges. Besides that it has been a really prominent thing that I've done. It was quite intense but it allowed me to analyse myself and understand more of who I am. It's definitely matured me.

CQ: What was it like getting the chance to design for a celebrity such as Nancy Dell'Olio?
J: Fantastic, she's such an icon and very beautiful. I was so pleased she chose my dress for the final catwalk, in that respect it was great to go out on a high.

CQ: What was it like working with fellow contestant Debbie 'Debonair'?
J: It was quite an inspiration, we had such great fun together. It took on a lot of management, knowing what Debbie's strengths are. I had to put a lot of trust in her. I'm sure if I had designed a maxi dress I might still be in the competition.

CQ: What's it like having Ben de Lisi act as both your mentor and your judge?

J: I couldn't wait to work with him. Everything he said was very important, very fair. He is a true master of his craft and quite awe-inspiring.

CQ: What's the grand plan for you now?
J: My horizons have expanded even more, I feel there are no limitations now to what I can achieve. This experience has allowed me to apply my skills to every area of my life, even to the interior of my house! I'd also like to try my hand at film wardrobe and styling.

CQ: Finally, who do you think will win this series of Project Catwalk?
J: I think Jasper will win. I think it's his time, he's so passionate and such a sweetheart. I'll probably cry if I get to see his final collection.

Project Catwalk series three is currently screening on Sky One, Wednesday nights at 9pm. It is repeated on Sky Three the following evening.

[Image supplied by Sky One]