Marie Claire recently put Rachel Zoe’s styling skills to the test - we all know her clients are all super skinny, thus making her job a lot easier when you barely have to navigate over curves. They set Zoe the task of trying her fashion theories (as seen in her new book) on their size 12 staffer, Cleo Glyde. The series of outfits include a vintage find (which had a "Cabbage Patch doll fussiness" on Cleo), a batwing dress, and a mini dress and boots. But none of these outfits had the same pizzazz as it would have had on the likes of Mischa Barton or Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps her theories only worked on matchstick sized girls? Or the clothes selected weren't quite right? When Glyde tried on the pretty purple dress (pictured), it apparently was a success. "Zoe goes for bold color statements and surprising accessories. In this outfit, I could see why," Glyde says.

Check out all the images at MarieClaire.com - What do you think of Rachel Zoe’s style choices for Cleo?