Roberto Cavalli has revealed to the media what each Spice Girl’s costume requirements were for their world tour. Victoria Beckham wanted to experiment with her costumes and perhaps surprise a few people. "Her only request was that we give her hips," Cavalli says. No doubt the stick thin star needs all the help she can with the only curves on her frame surgically enhanced.

"Melanie B, she was very strong, very assertive. She wanted shiny, body-conscious clothes, and animal prints.” Recent mum, Emma was reportedly very quiet as first, "...but [she] became more confident. She wanted her outfits to be more conservative and covered up."

Meanwhile Geri Halliwell wanted to show off her newly toned body – which is looking quite the opposite of her curvaceous frame during the earlier Spice Girls days. "Because Melanie C is the main vocalist, she wanted to be more rock chick than sporty - so for her, more trousers. Geri wanted everything sexy and very theatrical."

[Source / Image: Getty]