The year to mark the season of good-will Shiny Media's fashion and lifestyle blogs are giving back to the blogging community by compiling a list of the ultimate top 100. Here are the Top Ten handbag and accessories blogs of 2007:

1. Purseblog.com
Simply because it is unashamed bag porn. Reporting on the latest must-have it-bag before anybody else, this blog is also great for sample sale news in the US. There is also the purse forum where you can meet like-minded bag-aholics.

2. BagSnob.com
An amusing look at some of the latest must-have bags and accessories. Again, the main focus is on designer bags but mixed in with celebrity fashion news. The girls recently featured in Grazia marking their status as true bag snobs.

3. Baggage Claim
The first thing that draws me to this blog is simply the name, what a great title. It's written by the lovely Minjae Ormes who is new to the blogging world but definitely a name to remember. She choses a great selection of designer bags that you're bound to want.

4. Bag Bliss
There is a lot of celebrity content on BagBliss.com and the blog is really easy to navigate. There is a celebrity index linking you to all the main celebs and their arm candy. There is also the Bag Forum to discuss all your handbag needs!

5. Carrying Contraption
This blog is presenting all the latest man-bag news. Confirming the man-bag status as equally as important as handbags this blog shows the latest designer offerings for men from laptop bags, to totes to leather tape measures. Great place to find a Christmas present for the men in your life.

6. Pursepage.com
An eclectic mix of designer totes and celebrity handbag news. I particularly like that it lets you rate the bag out of five. You can also search for your favourite designer using the toolbar on left. Predictably I click on Miu Miu...

7. Luxist handbags
This blog mainly reads like a list of the most desirable designer totes currently on offer with the occasional news story. The choice of bags will either leave you drooling or spending a ridiculous amount of cash. Either way, it's always worth a look.

8. Bagdreamblog.com
Initially going to this site may confuse you as there is a lot to take in. However, the window shop section is perfect! You chose what colour, style, designer or price range you're looking for and it will provide you with a list of options. It almost makes shopping too easy...

9. In my bag
It is difficult to find amusing things to say about bags but Inmybag often achieves this. It is very personally written which is a nice touch. My favourite aspect of this blog is the way it lets you say what you think. Is this post cool? fun? insightful? or a great find?

10. Kristopher Dukes
Kristopher Dukes has an impressive CV, having previously written for WWD, Vogue.fr, and Forbes.com just to mention a few! I see this as the PerezHilton of handbag blogs. It can also be translated in to thirteen languages! Pretty impressive global appeal.