100blogslink.jpgOur rundown of the top fashion and lifestyle blogs was so long we had to cut it into two. Here's the second half, which includes our favourite crafty blogs, ethical blogs, bridal, feminist and menswear sites!

51 - 60: Craft Blogs & Vintage Sites
(compiled by the staff of CQ and Crafty Crafty)
- some of the vintage sites aren't blogs, but we decided to include them anyway!

51. Monster Crochet: Who knows what kinds of thoughts go through Lady Linoleum's brain or what strange dreams inspire her, but we're all grateful that she - and her wonderful, grisly masterpieces - exist in the world. In Monster Crochet, the granny image of crochet it turned on its head with horror-inspired creations such as a blood-dripping chainsaw scarf, felted eyeballs, wearable spider's webs and more. The site is updated regularly, and it never ceases to amaze me just how many ideas this lady has up her sleeve when a new pattern comes through.

52. Yarn Harlot: Yarn Harlot is a colourful haven on the web for knitting fans everywhere. The site is simply designed and takes the form of a personal blog, in which Stephanie Pearl McGee - author of such books as At Knit's End and the Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks goes on (and on) about knitting.

53. Practical Polly: Brit knit blogger Practical Polly found internet fame when the blogosphere went crazy for her her Wonder Woman jumper pattern. Having discovered her site, many soon became converts to Practical Polly thanks to her easy style the clear, simple instructions for each project, and her brilliant eye for photography. There's a slight emphasis on retro-stuff here which I personally love, but the content varies from day to day.

54. Yarnstorm: A five minute browse on Yarnstorm will have you feeling every bit the domestic goddess even if you've never held a knitting needle and any cupcakes in your house were lovingly made by Mr Kipling. The watchword here is 'inspiration', which comes across mainly in the beauty of owner Jane Brocket's photography, which documents her adventures in crochet, embroidery, knitting, cookery and many other domestic indulgences along with inspiring images from nature that just make you want to whip up a quilt on the spot.

55. Bittersweet Blog: I stumbled across this tasty little blog when looking for vegan cake recipes, but found there was more goodness lurking beneath the vanilla soymilk. The multi-talented Hannah Kaminsky is a great resource for free patterns, espcially if you go in for cutesy, Japanese style amigurumi and crocheted food. This is one of the most frequently updated crafty blogs I know, and is well worth a look.

56.Vintage Trends: This is the closest thing that you'll get to a jumble sale online, they have tons and tons of vintage finds for you to trawl through. They have a bewildering amount of categories, from hippy dresses to eskimo coats to kimonos, if you want it they'll probably have it.

57. Drop Your Drawers: Run by a mother and daughter team, Meg sources all the clothes and poses in her garden and her mum Linda takes all the pics. DYD have great vintage picks for trendy indie outfits and at reasonable prices.

58. Candy Says: It's an oldie but a goodie, the website has a a fantastic selection of vintage goodies, it's pretty much the only site of it's kind in the UK and we're honoured.

59. Plaid Pony Vintage: This is another cavern-like online store that you waste a large amount of time on, you can almost smell the musty second-hand smell (I like that smell!). They also stock a wide variety of sizes so have no fear of finding only 20-inch waist sizes.

61. The Association of Charity Shops has a website with a useful shop finder which should help you find a great selection of 'vintage' or as we all used to call in the olden days... secondhand.

61 - 70: Mens Style Blogs
(compiled by Isabelle O'Carroll of Brandish)

61. Gear Crave: Gear Crave is a stylish site crammed full of exciting product you will genuinely want to buy. It's also goes easy on the clichéd machismo which is refreshing.

62. Style Salvage: This site is unashamedly British and 'indie' (whatever that means nowadays!) and that's why I love it. You can't beat the Style Salvage for edgy yet accessible style musings for men.

63. I Luw Fashion: This Swedish site is a great mix of news and high fashion and fun stuff.

64. The Sartorialist: A bit of an obvious choice, if you haven't seen this exemplary street style website you must have been living in a hole! Despite all the hype this is still one of the best men's style blogs.

65. A Suitable Wardrobe: A first-rate site for those who need an initiation in the mysterious and complex customs of formal attire.

66. Dandyism: Calling all fashion scholars! Dandyism provides essential historical and sartorial knowledge for all those who want to add a touch of the dandy to their lives.

67. All I C: All I C has the best outfit picks and lots of interesting fashion profiles.

68. The Materialist: If the devil's in the details then the devil must write this blog. An in-depth look at men's style, you will probably never look at socks or ties in the same way again!

69. Haute Concept: Haute Concept is essential reading if you want to keep abreast of all US style news.

70. Off the Cuff DC: Menswear is all about the minutiae and this blog gives you detailed style advice with a historical bent.

71 - 80: Green & Ethical Blogs
(compiled by Abi Silvester of Hippyshopper)

71. Eco Worrier: This refreshingly down-to-earth blog from Times columnist Anna Shepherd is a personal record of one woman's attempt to live a more sustainable life. Never one to be swayed by bogus claims to greenness, Anna is a and trustworthy guide through what has become a maze of conflicting messages. Her posts are concise, relevant to everyday life and well researched, with a lot of witty observations that ensure the tone of the blog stays firmly on the right side of preachy.

72. EcoRazzi: This snarky, celeb-focused site is so of-the-moment it hurts (but in a good way, of course). Stars are falling over themselves to grab the latest organic it-bag or hybrid car at the moment, so there's no shortage of material for the site, which has itself just undergone a slick makeover as glossy as the celebs that grace its pages. Often the first to break big stories, Ecorazzi keeps a good balance between patting the Leo Di Caprios of this world on the back when they do something genuinely green and blowing a well-deserved raspberry at those nameless 'slebs who try a bit too hard to land on the eco-bandwagon for their own dubious ends.

73. Treehugger: No green blog roundup would be complete without Treehugger, and we've only put it down at no.3 to give some of the little guys a chance! That said, you can't beat this site for totally on-the-button green information, news and products. It's absolutely bursting with intelligent comment and observations on everything in the known green universe, from fashion to technology to health and politics. Navigating around this site can be daunting at times, but this is only because of the sheer amount of material here, and it's still the site that all green blogs want to be when they grow up.

74. Eco Street: The Eco Street blog brings you a daily dose of debate, products, news and other tidbits to keep you posted on all things green. It's all part of a wider network dedicated to green shopping, with a regularly updated, UK-based directory that I'd recommend to anyone looking for eco-friendly stuff. There's also a very active forum where you can chat to fellow greens about anything from carbon offsetting to keeping chickens.

75. Bean Sprouts Blog: In Bean sprouts blog, owner Melanie Rimmer gives a fascinating insight into her life as a devoted green living in a 'very small ex-council house' along with her partner and three children. Alongside posts on allotment-keeping, cookery and craft, you'll find pearls of wisdom on how to live frugally and embrace self-sufficiency with plenty of anecdotes from Melanie on how these lifestyle changes can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Great reading, even if you sometimes come away wondering how on earth she does it!

76. New Scientist Environment Blog: The NS is such a great authority on current thinking in all areas of science, that greens everywhere would do well to get acquainted with it. Next time someone accuses you of spouting mumbo-jumbo hippy crap, quote the latest article you read and watch them eat their words! But if the mag itself is a bit heavy going, add the New Scientist Environment Blog to your RSS feed and give it a try. It's the same cutting-edge news presented in a very accessible and surprisingly funny way.

77. Environmental Graffiti: Environmental Graffiti takes a fun and irreverent look at the big green stories of the day, always with a strong opinion and suffering no green fools badly. It's a good place to keep abreast of important stories that are usually presented in a dry and po-faced manner elsewhere, and for those who care about such things, the site is very attractive and cleanly designed. Yes, we are also loving the name!

78. Green Girls Global and Green Guys Global: Simply put, Green Girls Global is a bunch of green girls doing green things – and reporting on it. The blog gained a baby brother earlier in the year, Green Guys Global, which as the name suggests runs environmental stories written by and of interest to men. Both sites are well written and researched, and keep you up-to-date on the latest issues. They are mostly news-focused, but with links to petitions and online campaigns to help empower readers.

79. Ecofriend: Brimming with pictures, Ecofriend is real eye candy for those who love to dream about the future, specifically a future that makes full use of renewable sources in new and exciting ways. It's prototype-heaven, with an emphasis on gadgets, cars and housing.

80. Green Jellybean: With the motto 'trying to be green, with a few wobbles along the way', Green Jellybean takes a fun and light-hearted look at the eco-friendly life, and is a good reference point for anyone wanting to take those first baby-steps into going green. With heads-ups on where to find the latest eco products and reports on green goings-on, there's always something to interest and inform.

81 - 90: Women's Interest Blogs
(compiled by Cate Sevilla of Dollymix)

81. Feministing.com: With amazing authors on board like Jessica Valenti and Courtney E. Martin, Feministing is the perfect place to go for all your feminism news. They're snarky, they're intelligent, and they're pretty darn hawt, as well.

82. The F Word: Edited by the fabulous Jess McCabe and founded by Catherine Redfern, The F Word is your ultimate source of news and the goings ons with the UK feminists. With hilarious columns like "Honey, you vagina needs a mint!", how could you not love The F Word?

83. The Broadsheet: Salon.com's blog The Broadsheet is one of the sharpest, most blunt blogs on the internet. Contributors like Carole Lloyd, Catherine Price, and Tracy Clark-Flory bring such a fresh voice to the lady blogosphere that it's impossible to not check in daily with The Broadsheet and see which news stories they're calling BS on.

84. DearSugar: Part of the wondrous Sugar family, DearSugar gives truthful, realistic, and honest advice to their readers - unlike most of the advice sites and magazines out there. Not your average Dear Abby or Agony Aunt, DearSugar gives advice on birth control, sex, and - of course - those complicated relationship situations. We adore DearSugar, keep up the good work, ladies!

85. Jezebel: While I may not agree with everything that Jezebel do or say, I can't deny that they're a kick ass blog. As yet another awesome section of the mighty Gawker Media empire, Jezebel have pushed a lot of feminist issues into the mainstream news with the help of their sharp, bitchy tone. Funny, sexy and snarky, Jezebel is nothing short of fabulous.

86. Orangette: Written by Molly Wizenberg, Orangette is a blog of life, love, and most of all, FOOD. Orangette is an amazing chef, and soon to be published author. Each blog post tells a story about her life, and how it relates to a certain meal, or how a particular recipe represents how she's feeling at the moment. If you love food (who doesn't?!) and a good story, Orangette is the perfect place to feast.

87. Dooce: What can I say about Heather B. Armstrong that hasn't been said already? It seems like although her initial fame was based on the fact that she was fired for blogging about her job and coining the term "dooced", Heather has moved above and beyond that story. She speaks so honestly and openly about her depression, her family, her fears as a mother and a woman, that it is impossible not to fall in love with Heather, and her audacious sense of humour.

88. Tiny Nibbles: Tiny Nibbles is the slightly NSFW personal blog from Violet Blue, author, columnist, author and all around sex goddess. Whether she's giving advice on on sexual healing through her column at the San Francisco Chronicle, or giving talks on online privacy for Google Tech Talks, Violet is always as informative as she is entertaining.

89. Pink Of Perfection: Starring the gorgeous Sarah McColl, Pink Of Perfection does amazing video blogs from showing you around the Texas State Fair, to doing a demonstration of how to do "smokey eyes". Sarah was featured in the hot 30 under 30 in Jane magazine's last issues, and is a true web star.

90. Feministe: Yet another amazingly funny feminist site. The contributers, Jilly, Piny and Zuzu are absolutely hilarious, and they provide such witty commentary to the blogosphere.

91 - 100: Bridal Blogs
(compiled by Camilla Chafer of Bridalwave)

91. What Junebug Loves: Seattle-based wedding planners Junebug are behind this stylish site with lots of ideas that will inspire and lots of photographs from real weddings. Look out for tasters from their Fashion Reports too.

92.Martha Stewart's wedding blog: Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine pens this Brides Guide which is a newcomer to the blogging scene. Expect lots of insider tips from the magazine, with gorgeous tips for dresses, shoes and all the other little details.

93. The Misadventures of a DIY Bride: Charming DIY bride Phoebe takes us through her wedding planning, via Brides magazine, in the lead up to her 5 April 2008 nuptials. Read about everything from finding her antique pearl engagement ring, meeting her dressmaker, the food and hen nightmares.

94. Weddingbee: Originally a personal blog created by Bee Kim, the site now has a plethora of brides across the US and Canada in various stages of wedding plan. It's a great read for tips across the pond and for a good ol' nosey inspiration into what other brides are planning.

95. From "I Will" to "I Do": Wedding journalist Anne Chertoff tips off US readers to sample sales and dispenses advice on ring buying and more alongside anecdotes from her own life and that of her friends in this iVillage.com blog.

96. Pink Cake Box: Ok, it's not strictly a wedding blog but there are enough delicious and enterprising cakes to make me include this yummy blog. You'll also find pictures of the fantastic creations that include grooms cakes, cookies, birthday cakes and more cupcakes than you can shake a stick at.

97. Eco Chic Weddings: We like to champion the greener side of life and so does Emily Anderson, the brains behind this eco fabulous site where recycling is hot and green is gorgeous.

98. Something Old, Something New: Cool, modern ideas suited to contemporary brides with stylish, funky finds. The writer Mackenzie Sala is also an accomplished stationery designer with her own range that is well worth taking a look at.

99. Manolo for the Brides: Primarily written by 'Never teh Bride' (sic), this blog picks up on plenty of wierd and quirky things in the wedding world. The caption competition is a regular fun feature with a wacky picture that you can apply your wit to.

100. Wedaholic: Bursting with etiquette know-how, Elle Brown solves your wedding dilemmas whether you want to know how to plan a great dessert buffet or are planning your first dance. Hasn't been updated in a while, so, where'dya go, Elle?


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