gucciridleyscottfilm.jpgHollywood director Ridley Scott is set to direct a film based on the house of Gucci. According to The Sun, the film will trace the history of the Gucci family and its many feuds throughout the '70s, '80s and '90s.

Founded in Florence by Guccio Gucci in 1906, the family was notorious for its bitter power struggles and drawn out infighting. However it is believed that the film will mostly focus on the period from 1983, when Maurizio Gucci (Guccio's grandson) took over the house right up until his death in 1995.

Maurizio was gunned down on the eve of a major fashion show hosted by his new designer, Tom Ford. His ex-wife was later convicted of arranging the killing.

With Tom Ford's new-found ambition to direct, I'm surprised he hasn't taken on the job himself!

>>> Meanwhile, in other news Ford has unveiled plans to expand his label to Russia stating, in true Ford style, that America is "so last century." "Russians are hardwired to appreciate the fine things in life. They have been denied nice things for years," he added.

Two stores are planned for Moscow to stock custom-made suits. Other stores are further tipped for Beijing and Dubai as well as a directly-operated Tom Ford store along Milan's Via Verri next summer year. Busy man! [Source]

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