Watching the entries roll in for the LG Media Talent Award has been great fun for all of us, least of all because we'll be lucky enough to work with the winners when it's all over. Competition has seriously hotted up as the competition has gone on (check out the production entry above). However we got a lot of feedback from folks who heard about the award a bit too late to get their entry in. As a result - you're lucky it's the season of goodwill - the powers that be have decided to give budding video presenters and producers a final chance to enter, and have extended the closing date to 1st January. So if you're bored at Christmas and think you can do a better job than us at presenting or producing video, get your thinking cap on and put together an entry before it's too late. You could win an internship at Shiny Media, a trip to Barcelona and an LG Viewty phone!