Having already made a name for himself as the busiest man in fashion it seems this month Karl Lagerfeld wants to push himself even further with press exposure. In addition to travelling to London last week he has also managed to squeeze in an interview for The Charlie Rose Show. New York magazine editor Harriet Mays Powell is also part of the interview in which Lagerfeld talks candidly about himself and his work. He explains that his collection is a creative reflection of current affairs adding that, "Designers shouldn't talk".

He talks about couture and defends it's continued importance within fashion as well as his own creative inspiration, explaining that "Collections are a non-stop dialogue". When talking about himself he again expresses that, "I don't live in my own past" explaining that he does not have an archive of clothing because he is trying "not to be a victim of possessions".

Harriet Mays Powell appears to be slightly bemused by Lagerfeld as he talks about the importance of manners ("manners make life easier") and his love for The Magical Year which he claims to have read three times in one month, "Books are the tragedy of my life". It's a great insight in to the mind of a fashion genius.