By the time you read this, we will be at our office Christmas party. Or perhaps we'll be nursing the subsequent hangovers. Either way, we're not going to be in a very 'bloggy' mood. So in our absence, here's a round-up of all the amazing festive content we've been providing you with over the last week, all in a nicely digestible link round-up.

Still not got your Christmas party dress sorted out? You're lucky we have one weekend left. See our favourite high street finds here, and some uber bargains here. If you're even less organised and still have presents to buy, our gift guides might help (if not, it's fun to watch them just to see Kim messing around with jingle bells). We help you find things for your fashionista friend, your quirky little sis, your metrosexual brother / boyfriend and (of course) your parents.

In our big round-up of the year, we've bought you our Top 100 Blogs of 2007 (1 - 50 and 51 - 100). Our retrospective, '2007 Year in Fashion', is up to August, so get clicking if you've missed July, June, May, March & April or January & February.

Over Christmas we'll be keeping you entertained with more videos, news stories and the odd bit of gossip, but expect a slightly quieter time on Catwalk Queen between now and January 2nd as we enjoy a bit of much needed time off! [image: Someecards. They rock]