Another month, another lot of celebs showing off their credit card wardrobes and disposable incomes. Let's start with Nicole Ritchie's misdemeanors, and her whole 82 minutes of jail time, despite looking rather fetching in a white shirt and headband combo. Beth Ditto becomes a strange fashion icon, befriending la Moss and flashing her knickers at any opportunity. We got to see this lovely strip off on stage, and declare to the world that she is a Primark fan (well who doesn't love their Primarni?)

Prince Harry shows us he ain't just a pretty 'lil prince-ling by posing topless on the cover of Radar Magazine, whilst Charley Ulchea heralds the end of the waistcoat trend by wearing one and brawling in daylight.

Paris Hilton launches her own range of clothing at Kitson, and glamour model Jordan launches her own fragrance ironically called Stunning.

Jodie Marsh tries to shock the world by getting married on her TV show.. to one of Jordan's ex's, and Amy Winehouse sports the battered wife/druggie look after a hectic night with Blake. dah-ling a black eye is not a smoky eye, learn from that!

More fabulous flashbacks tomorrow!

[ via Star Trip- the celeb gossip site]