So another year gone by, ands we take a look back at some of the *ahem* most exciting moments of the year. They include Victoria Beckham in that Roland Mouret dress, oh and leaving British shores for LA for like, all of five minutes, The lovely Fergie signing up with shoe retailer Candies for some promo video work, Coleen McLoughlin releasing a scent and some heavily photo shopped piccies and Christina Aguilera proudly displaying her humps, her humps, her lovely baby bump for the world to see.

But that's not all.. July was a hot month in more ways than the weather. The rumours about the possible Sex and the City film were finally confirmed leaving us all foaming at the mouth with excitement at their possible outfit choices, Britney showed the world that she's 'not that innocent' when she stripped off to pole dance badly for a new video and Pete Doherty and Kate Moss appear on the cover of Vanity Fair.. despite being split up. Oops.

Lindsay Lohan showed that being an addict
didn't harm her pins, even if a alcohol monitoring device was attached. She went to rehab and to prison for a minute.

What happened next? Wait and see in our continuing flashback/blackout to the greatest moments of 2007...

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