It's not very Christmassy but St Trinian's came out on Friday and I'm loving the scholarly style. Not for me the slutty schoolgirl look, no! I'm more of a Madeleine-esque demure type. Grey is the order of the day, with a fitted pencil skirt and long cardigan. Break up the cardigan's lines with a burgundy belt and add interest with badges, patches and a cuff made from a tie. Top of the look with some gorgeous heeled brogues. See after the jump for more details.

Marc Jacobs belt, Browns: £410. Origami stripe shirt, Topshop: £32. Balenciaga crest badge, Browns: £70. Grey cardigan, Uniqlo: £19.99. Two-tone brogues, Dune: £95. Tie snap bracelet, Etsy: $15. 'Perfect' badge, I Want One of Those: £4.95.Fishtail pencil skirt, Topshop: £32.