I whole-heartedly support the reprise of short shorts with thick black tights. It seems like a trend that's been around forever but recently has become slightly more popular. Gwen Stefani wore some to the Waverly Inn in New York City and Kate Bosworth was spotted sporting the style at the Fendi show on the Great Wall of China. I have also been known to wear rather short shorts with extra thick black tights and my friends have never stopped loving them.


They're so much easier to wear than a skirt, you skip the risk of revealing more than you intended. I think you have to be careful not to wear them too short (à la Sienna at the Factory Girl premiere) and they must be worn with thick tights (especially if your legs are as lily white as mine).

Here are a few of the best pairs currently available on the High Street. See after the jump for details...

Sequined mini shorts, Topshop: £35 | Grey wool shorts, Uniqlo: £14.99 | Black with gold belt, Dorothy Perkins: £12 | Denim high waisted, FCUK: £50

[source: SheFinds.com]