Balenciaga single handedly brought back the blazer jacket into fashion. Fashionista have been in love with J Crew’s version of the jacket, while Gemma reported that Peacocks had invested £1.5 million into making their own version. So where else can you get the navy blazer look from? Well here’s another three we’ve found online now.

L – R: Warehouse asymmetric military jacket, £50. It features similar piping detail and brass buttons we’re keeping our eyes peeled for more. 3.1 Phillip Lim Double-breasted jacket, the price tag (£297.87) is a slightly closer to the Balenciaga jacket, but this one holds its own with breast pockets and epaulettes. Get the military look without looking like you were inspired by the Balenciaga runway look. Oasis's shrunken blazer, for £60 you can get a jacket with the right amount of piping and pinstriped detail, paired with a flattering cut and colour. Though, it does look a little school jacket-esque, or is it just me?