boutiquebandits.jpgIt's hard to believe that London's pesky fashion bandits, which have been causing boutique workers and owners so much grief, have struck at least 35 times in the past six months! A long list of stores including Marc Jacobs, Luella, Gucci, FrostFrench, plus many more have all been targeted by a group of thieves on motorcycles.

Adding to that list this week was the Ralph Lauren store in Bond Street, which was hit early Monday morning and luxury clothing boutique Press in Primrose Hill. A total of £3,000 worth of handbags were stolen from Press, including a £399 Marc Jacobs's Super K and a Chloé bag worth £900.

While efforts to beef up store security has been enforced by Scotland Yard, it still seems that the lure of expensive labels is far too enticing for the smash n' grabbers. I wonder what the punishment is these days for fashion robbery?