The CQ team and I have been shopping a little this week - nothing extravagant, but shopping nonetheless.

Can you guess what we’ve brought by looking at our what’s in our shopping bags?

See below for the full pictures! We'd love to hear about your latest buys too.


(click image to get a closer look)

Gemma's purchase: Primark print smock dress, £10
She says: "I walked past it a few times and decided I didn't need another smock as they're on their way out. But then I saw a girl trying it on and I was sold. I love the autumnal print and it's perfect for fat days ;-)"

Isabella's purchase: Margaret Howell trousers, £60 from sample sale
She says: "I dithered over them for a bit because £60 is a lot of money in my book, but the fit, slouchy-ness and colour are perfect. I'm going to wear them with brogues and grey jumpers in the winter, and white vest and canvas pumps in the summer."

Kim's purchase: Primark polka dot satin blouse, £8
She says: "We've just seen loads of polka dots at the Valentino show in Paris and I thought I might be able to channel Keira Knightley in Atonement in this Forties style blouse, plus it was £8 - what's not to like?"

Helen’s purchase: High waisted denim shorts from Seduce, AUD$15 (approx £6)
She says: "I was not going to spend any more money. But on an impromptu shopping trip over lunch I stumbled upon these cute shorts so I figured why not. They’re not hotpant-short and are actually quite flattering. Oh and here’s a pic of me wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Stripe Shirting Top that I brought a few weeks ago, and the shorts."

What did you buy this week?