vivwestwood.jpg According to the Telegraph, Vivienne Westwood has slammed fashion magazines for being racist and demands that editors should be forced to use black models in their pages. This comes hot on the heels of Naomi Campbell accusing British Vogue of not using her as often as they could because she is black. In reference to a conversation had recently with a magazine editor, Westwood says: "she said that what you always have to have on a magazine cover is a face, that is what sells the magazine, and she told me that you could not put a black person on there because sales halve.

Westwood says that magazines have to be prepared to “take a drop every now and again and then people would get used to it and think, 'I should buy this magazine because there is a beautiful black girl on it'." She also added that Naomi Campbell is the 'most beautiful girl'.

The black model s in fashion debate continues with numbers start to come into the equation. Kate Moss has appeared on the cover of British Vogue 24 times, compared to Naomi’s eight. But are they equally as popular and have the ability to sell the same number of magazines?