stylemob.jpgAs if our MySpace, Facebook, Wists and OSOYOU profiles weren't enough, we've gone ahead and added ourselves to yet another social networking site. Stylemob is a brillant site for those of you who love street style (and I know that's a lot of you). It works a little like MyStyleDiary, allowing you to post pics of your daily outfits and finds for the rest of the community, as well as having a deeper MySpace-like community working around it. Users of the site can cast votes on each look (if you let them) and leave comments on their faves. What I love about the voting system is the clever wording - 'Not for me' sounds so much better than 'Eww, it's fugly', and since style is such a personal thing, it's no surprise that just as many people will dislike an outfit as love it. Join up now by clicking here and you'll automatically be added as a friend of the CQ team. We'd love to see the looks that our readers create. We've also added a little widget to the sidebar on your left that'll show you the latest looks from Team CQ on Stylemob. Loving it!