The Unruly studio is within the Westbourne studios complex which also contains a bar, few shops and artist studios . It’s tucked away behind Westbourne Grove tube and is very quiet making it the perfect place for a relaxing facial. The Unruly studio is upstairs and entirely glass fronted so it’s really bright. Perfect if you’re having your hair done. I was promptly taken through to the beauty room and introduced to Nadia who is the beauty therapist. She explained the treatment before checking if I had any allergies or medical problems.
[via Kissandmakeup]


I lay on the bed and was wrapped in a giant, soft blanket, it was so comfortable and the whole atmosphere was really relaxing. Chill out music was being played and the lights were dimmed. I had a vitamin C facial as I often think that my skin is quite dull. She firstly cleaned using a steamer to ensure my pores were completely clear, then she had a closer look at my skin to identify any problem areas. Nadia was so accommodating and explained each procedure as she did it. The facial mask was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep!

Afterwards my skin felt so soft and looked visibly brighter. I also felt incredibly relaxed. I think the whole process lasted just over an hour. I was then introduced to Natasha, the make up artist and shown to the VIP suite. It's quite a small room and feels like a celebrity dressing room. (See image below) Natasha had an enormous amount of makeup from a range of companies including, MAC, Nars, Armani, and Chanel.


Confession time: I'm a bit of a make-up phobe. I rarely wear make up, and if I do it's mascara and concealer. I have very pale skin so am always too scared that I'll end up looking like a drag Queen. However, Natasha asked me about my plans after the make over to decide upon the style of the make-up. She kept it very natural looking and combined two foundations to create a lovely, warm skin tone.

She also used liquid eyeliner and bronze coloured eye make-up which made my eyes look amazing (even if I do say so myself). Natasha also introduced me to setting powder which I had not previously used. I have a relatively shiny nose and had previously just accepted this but now I may just have been converted. The loose powder that she used was by Armani and gave the perfect finish.