How I'd missed the fact Peacocks now have a transactional website I don't know, but thanks very much to our forum girls for pointing it out to me. There's nowhere near as much stock online as you'll find in a large Peacocks store (London ladies try Old Street or Stratford) but it's still great if you can't get to a shop or if your local one is the size of a storage cupboard. I love the Flounce Hem Coat (£30), as it's a cheap way to try an outerwear trend. The Chiffon Bow Blouse (£12) in the season's key colour is a really cute piece (tuck it into a high waist skirt if you have the guts). Finally, the Sequin Waistcoat (£10) is a bit of Kate Moss-inspired style for magpies like me. Wear it over a black dress or with denim.