It’s ruffles, ruching and rosettes everywhere! Where do you look first? This Nathan Jenden iridescent blue prom dress certainly is trying to give a bit if 1980s in the 2000s and I'm quite sure it's a little too shiny and over the top, even for the 1980s. You would think that a strapless mini dress wouldn't have so much happening, after all there isn't much space from chest to thing to dress up. But that two-tiered skirt has so much volume, you could hide a myriad of sins under that dress and no one would know. Now before you start thinking it could be something you could wear this Halloween, this 100% polyester prom dress will set you back a tidy £2,040. For that amount of money, I would much prefer this gorgeous black cashmere Nathan Jenden coat with its luscious pleating detail. It’s hard to believe the coat is by the same designer as this dress.