eleykishipic.jpgDesign duo Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto (pictured left at their recent show at LFW) have been chosen to be the new artistic directors at Cacharel. Esther Angula took over temporarily after Clements and Ribeiro's departure from the French fashion house in June.

Philippe Cardon, Cacharel's new chief executive officer said: "Eley and Kishimoto are perfect for us, they have the house's spirit in their blood." Cacharel are known for youthful and bright designs that retain a feminine edge. "We're extremely excited," said Eley on Friday. "We are naturally drawn to the brand. Our own collections are more aggressive and confrontational than what we believe Cacharel should be," added Eley. "We think Cacharel should have a sophisticated French spirit, but be entirely approachable and young."

Eley Kishimoto have made a name for themselves making exciting and refreshing prints and they hope to take Cacharel back to it's roots when they design their first autumn/winter collection for 2008. "We have a lot of sympathy for Cacharel," said Kishimoto. "We want it to be fresh and go back to its roots. It should be joyful, but not overly flamboyant.""

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