This accessories stall is one of those things that you know is going to be huge. It's such a simple idea but they are beautiful items and are sure to have something that you'd want. Afxentiou is a range of handbags and small accessories created by Sophie Afxentiou and her partner Matt Savage. They create the wonderful items at their shipping container in the docklands where they laminate the fabric themselves.


They make a range of handbags in various sizes for very reasonable prices. They are available in many different prints and colours. A large shopper bag is £45 but it's literally huge, a cross body bag is just £15. They also sell washbags (2 for £10), cushions (£15) and are beginning to create rain coats too!


The style is similar to that of Orla Kiely or Octopus creating truly timeless bags that you'll want to use for years. I am already planning on getting some of the wash bags (pictured above) as Christmas gifts.


Sophie Afxentiou trained in Fashion Design and is working on designing her own fabrics.